Belgium: He beats up his wife refuses to have sex three times a day

The man, born in Iraq, was granted asylum in Belgium since 2011. He brought his wife and children in 2014. But family life was not more serene. “I hope we make love three times a day,” said the man. He then decided to rape his wife! “I do  force her  to not teach on her. And since I love her, I can force her,” estimated the interested!

The accused had also answer calls. He would not have liked it asks him to get up to eat with the children. “She did not talk to me like that,” said the suspect inspectors. “I put him a slap. I felt my nail back in her eye.”

On 7 December 2014, the victim went to the police. She explained that her husband had brought her fist to the eye, knee and thigh. She said he was drinking and taking force. When she struggled, he hit her.

During the police intervention in the home, the couple’s daughters were terrorized. The elder explained that when she was in Iraq, his father did not require him to wear the veil, contrary to what he requires from his arrival in Belgium.

While girls are scared, the boys of the couple have a different attitude.

The police will note that a boy feels “normal dad hits mom” while the other “laughed”.

The court stressed the “need to understand that the accused, whatever their culture of origin, Belgium, respect for the physical, moral and mental anyone, including his wife, is a standard elementary that social is not allowed to violate. “




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