Who is Antonella Roccuzzo, sexy companion of Messi and enemy of Shakira?…

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Antonella Roccuzzo"Between Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, it is a story that has been rolling for nearly ten years. Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays the title of best footballer on the planet every year, met his sweet when he was only a teenager. She was the cousin of one of her best friends, in Argentina, also a professional footballer. After months and months of obvious complicity, they finally decided to formally join together in 2008. The brilliant Argentinian playmaker was just beginning to glean all the collective and individual trophies imaginable. Since then, his couple has worked wonderfully, often away from the paparazzi, and the performances on the ground have never been disconnected. As a cherry on the cake, his partner gave birth to a small Thiago in 2012 and then to Mateo in 2015. It was therefore a judicious decision to leave their native country to live in Spain.

However, their idyll cost somewhat to madam. The 29-year-old has indeed plastered to follow the genius of the ball, while she was a model of profession on her lands and that she took courses in dietetics at the university. This does not prevent him from living today dream life. Quite discreet in nature, she displays no particular taste for luxury and seems to perfectly embrace the conceptions of her darling’s life. The lovebirds are thus presented by the Iberian media as very calm, spending most of their time in family at home and never defraying the chronicle. A smooth and healthy image, which does not prevent some small skirmishes between them. In 2011, Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo separated for a few months. A break quickly forgotten afterwards




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