Sleeping with a bra: is it a bad idea?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "avoir de beaux seins"This is a topic that divides the experts. For many women, sleeping with her bra is a usual, trivial situation. The reason invoked is often the same: to avoid the relaxation of the chest, all the more so when this one is imposing. But is it really a good idea? The US Well + Good site went to ask Marina Maslovaric, a gynecologist. First of all, it was reassuring: if it was long believed that the bra favored breast cancer, a study dating from 2015 showed that it was not finally the case. Keeping his bed bra will therefore not favor the emergence of tumors. Phew.

And side chest support then? It must be obvious, the bra has no effect on the elasticity of the skin. Some doctors even go so far as to say that it makes the chest lazy! Pregnancy, breastfeeding, dieting, age, and more generally severity, these are the factors that will inevitably make our breasts point downwards. Sleeping in her push-up will not change anything, especially as in the lying position, the breasts do not feel the effect of gravity. To keep his chest firm, it is better to find another solution.

Specialists alert

If sleeping with a bra does not promote breast cancer, it can be uncomfortable. And for good reason, 76% of women wear bras that do not suit them. On a daily basis, an overly tight bra in place will put pressure on the nerves, muscles and blood circulation in the back and rib cage. A pressure that can lead to headaches or back. Sleeping with a bra – if not at her waist – would only make the problem worse. Robin Mookherjee, a plastic surgeon in Paris, added: “This can cause irritation, even skin allergies.




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