She accuses three black men of rape before confessing to have invented everything

On March 8, Breana Harmon Talbott appeared in a half-naked church, her body covered with cuts and blues. To the witnesses, she explained that she had been kidnapped by “three black men wearing ski masks” and raped in the wood at the back of the religious building in Denison, Texas. The same day, around 5:30 pm, the police received a call from a man describing himself as the fiancé of the 18-year-old girl explaining that she had disappeared. The man had told the rescue that Breana’s car had been found in the parking lot of a building, the door open, the keys still on the contact, his mobile phone inside and a shoe near the vehicle .

But Wednesday, the city’s police chief, Jay Burch, issued a long statement on Facebook in which he announced that the 18-year-old girl confessed to lying. “All of Denison’s police were mobilized to find Miss Talbott,” says Jay Burch. It was eventually located in the church. ” After hearing her testimony, she was taken to the hospital where tests were conducted. At that time, the investigators also picked up “personal assault” belongings belonging to him. “The case quickly became significant because of the seriousness of the alleged acts and the rumors that quickly arose on social networks,” the statement said.




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