Aesthetic surgery: all about breast lift

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "grossir ses seins"It is a surgical procedure which allows to restore to a chest its harmonious curves while correcting the ptosis mammaire. Breast ptosis corresponds to a fall of the breast; The majority of the mammary tissue slides towards the lower pole and forms a fold which conceals the submammary groove as can be confirmed by the test of the pencil (a pencil placed in this place remains there!). Anatomists and artists have defined standard dimensions. These measurements are indicative and not imperative dictates, they nevertheless constitute very interesting reference figures because they serve as a guide!
The distance between the manubrium and the nipple is 17 to 18 centimeters (technically, this distance is called segment I), the distance between the two nipples is 20 to 21 centimeters. The distance between the base of the ar
eola and the furrow is ideally 5 to 6 cm (technically, this distance is called: segment III). Segment II extends from the edge of the areola to the midline of the thorax.

The position of the nipple is ½ the height of the inner edge of the arm.

Important precision: chests can have different measurements while being perfectly harmonious. Indeed, the size of the person, the size of the thorax and the volume of the breast are taken into account in the breast beauty criteria.

Ptosis occurs with age at the end of a pregnancy (breast-feeding often distorts the skin), is also observed in cases of glandular hypertrophy, or after a significant loss of weight.
Segments I and III are the most affected.




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