Yolanda Hadid: 53 years old, Bella’s mother and Gigi shows her ass on Instagram

reFor those who have forgotten or would not be aware, Yolanda Hadid has decided to remind the world where her daughters Bella and Gigi Hadid hold their bodies dream. At 53, the mother of the Hadid clan decided to show off her incredible callipyge silhouette. Wearing nothing more than a string and a sweatshirt on the shore of Lake Constance that borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With 3 children (yes, we often tend to forget Anwar Hadid) top models and a mother more bombsque than ever, this family clearly has the right gene.

Of course, it was obvious that such a photo would elicit the reactions of the haters of the canvas and these did not hesitate to tackle Yolanda. The latter took the time to reply with an answer that can not be more effective. “I am sorry that you have a bad day. Mothers do not compete with their daughters in my world and to be quite honest, my daughters are a much better version of me, bigger and smarter … And they have already far surpassed all that I have done in my career at their age, so I am very proud and motivated to be a better example at 53 years after fighting a chronic disease for a long time. 6 years … Spend a beautiful day and courage to you. ✨✨ Life is beautiful ✨✨ “.




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