Is your penis so small?

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The issue of penis size is not new, and it is, moreover, difficult to treat. It does indeed have a social as well as a medical aspect. Indeed, several statistics have shown that nearly one man in two find their penis too small and would like to enlarge it. This obsession with penis size refers to a social syndrome, known as the “locker room syndrome”. It refers to unfortunately known scenes where boys do not dare to show themselves by fear, while others will lend themselves easily to the game. In the end, this can lead to loss of self-esteem, Even though medical advice would say in most cases that the penis is normal size.

Know that there are also other explanations that may accentuate your feeling that your penis is small. Many men do indeed a first amalgam between the size of the penis at rest and its size in erection. The penis actually increases due to the influx of blood into the blood vessels; The rest size is therefore not indicative. In the same way, with the explosion of the pornographic industry, some men can complex and desire to increase the size of their penis against the players with oversized penises. They thus witness a distorted representation of reality, and feel that the pleasure of the partner is proportional to the size of the penis. This, again, is false.




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