Man fined for circulating wedding rumor about rapper Dr. Dre and former South Korean first lady

59a7d06929e5cA South Korean court has fined a man for circulating a rumor online that rapper and businessman Dr. Dre was to marry the widow of a former South Korean President, Lee Hee-ho.

According to the Korea Times, Seoul Western District Court fined the man 5 million won ($4,400) on Friday following convictions for “cyber defamation” and “defamation against the deceased”.

In January, the unidentified man had written on his blog that Lee Hee-ho, widow of late former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, was to wed Dr. Dre in order to launder the late Kim’s slush funds.

Dr. Dre, also known as Andre Romelle Young, is a founding member of the gangster rap group NWA, is one of the world’s richest music stars after the sale of Beats Electronics, makers of high specification headphones, to Apple in 2015 for $3 billion.

Lee Hee-ho who’s 95-years-old has remained a prominent figure in Korean politics since her husband’s death in 2009.

It is unreported whether the former first lady is a fan of the rapper, but the pair never addressed the controversy.




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