Cameroon: Longue Longue, new social whoop

19990235_120199435264943_6979855163026931386_nThe artist musician is the actor of a series of videos having all the airs of a web reality. The concept has become viral.

It is a reconversion as we do not often see in the artistic milieu in Cameroon. The vocalist Longue Longue, who is shown in videos on the social network Facebook, is the new phenomenon of the fabric made in 237. And, the formula seems to interest a large public become fan of its releases. The author of the title Ayo Africa gives himself to heart, for the great pleasure of Internet users.

According to the artist, the story goes back a month ago, when a friend of his pointed out his absence on social networks. “I was in the United States, and President Djandjo offered me this phone … a month ago … he opened my page … I started making videos and I took a liking. Facebook is like drugs, “he says in a video.

The first videos look like improvisations. In one of them, we see the singer dressed in a costume, in the lobby of a hotel in Yaounde. In his remarks, he mocks those who eat donuts and beans at breakfast. In another, he declares his flame for the writer Calixthe Beyala to whom he promises grandiose marriage.

Longue Longue’s live videos on Facebook are variously appreciated. Some say that the artist would have survived the trauma of his prison life. Others call him a parvenu, which leads him to change his style. Insults, blows of mouth, the filterless side of the artist loyalty a public greedy scoops, but also create enemies. Jean-Pierre Essome, Petit Pays, and most recently the animators Chop Chop and Kletus, replied in videos to denounce Longue Longue’s statements.

On September 20 last year, the account of Longue Longue disappeared from the social network, which raised many questions in the digital sphere. In the opinion of some, they are people dissatisfied with the revelations and remarks of the singer who would have hacked his account. Not enough to discourage Long Long, who opened a new account and his very first video was watched 13,000 times in two hours.

Longue Longue very quickly experienced the scope of the web. Conscious of this, his account has become a means of promoting his artistic works. After beating audiences records for a Cameroonian artist on Facebook (100,000 views on a video, 3,000,000 cumulative), Long Long now listens to her songs exclusively to her followers, which allows her to have an immediate feeedback on his songs.

In this digital movement, Longue Longue also has a Snapchat account named after Simon Longkana Agno. Longue Longue certainly intends to diversify its audience, which shows that in reality, the phenomenon has only just begun.




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