She hides a 13 cm pistol loaded … in her vagina

image-illustration_exact1024x768_lNext time, Amika Witt will have to redouble her efforts. This 20-year-old American was arrested in the state of Missouri because of her speeding. When the police searched the young woman’s vehicle, they made an important discovery, as reported by the local Pantagraph media and taken over by the Daily Mail. First, they found in her car of ecstasy as well as heroine hidden in her bra.

Amika Witt was then taken to the McLean County Police Department. There, she was undressed and searched by a police officer who discovered a 13 centimeter pistol … hidden in her vagina. But that’s not all: the weapon was loaded and contained “a bullet in the barrel ready to be fired”. What earned this American woman a conviction for armed violence because of the possession of a weapon during a search by a member of the forces of the order, possession of drugs and possession of substances in order to deliver it . Imprisoned, his bail was fixed at $ 40,035




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