2 of these legends and their work have to go…which will you pick to go?



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  1. Why does any of them have to go? I click on it and it doesn’t say sh*t.
    I’m going to tell you something. I think I already responded to one of your posts this afternoon. I find it offensive. You live in France. I live in the Great Country of America. But I have family in Limoges, France …. originally from Paris.
    I had the time to look at some of YOUR work, and find to believe that if anyone has to go … it’s your stupid Web site here. You don’t have much traffic on here, or twitter. And you repeat everything to make it look like a big site. And why only American Gossip? Don’t you have anything to write about there in France? You see I know how French people are. I’m half, and my f*cked up father is full.
    And another thing. Why would Trump (which I’m not into) hand over $500,000 tom a foreigner? And you say to help appeal to Black voters. For what? I don’t think it’s going well because guess who’s President?
    So this is what I’m going to do since I have time, because I live in the land of the free.
    I’m going to pass this along to some people I Know, and monitor your crap.

    Let it go dude. France is a pretty big Country. Read the paper their, learn something.

    Peace … and you will be hearing from me again, I’m sure.

    p.s. And what’s up with all the porn on here….. pervert ! !


  2. My mistake. Trump didn’t offer you any money. It’s the loser one dime….


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