Anglophone Cameroon, in turmoil counts its dead

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "cameroun violence\"For the last two days, Georgette, her husband and their two children have been barricaded in their homes, with their lights turned off and refraining from cooking so as not to attract the attention of policemen and soldiers, who shoot as soon as someone leaves his house. Twenty-four hours after the demonstrations on Sunday, October 1, tension remains very strong in Bamenda, epicenter of the anglophone protest in the northwestern region of Cameroon.

A symbolic declaration of “independence” of Anglophone regions was proclaimed Sunday on social networks by Sisiku Ayuk, “president” of this new “state” that the separatists want to call the “Ambazonia.” In support of this proclamation, the English-speaking separatists tried to demonstrate in both regions.

The protesters were dispersed violently and at least 17 people died, according to Amnesty International and official sources. The governor of the Northwest, one of the two English-speaking provinces, spoke on state radio, of 11 deaths in his only region, of which 5 during an attempt to escape in a prison.

In the Travelers’ district of Bamenda, Georgette and her family found themselves in the front row. “It is here that the processions of young demonstrators who formed trees of the peace and flags of the Ambazonie were formed,” explains Georgette whispering on the telephone. Soldiers and policemen tried to disperse them with tear gas and live bullets. A helicopter also flew over the area for a long time. “I told myself that there were many dead and wounded,” said Georgette. I heard cries of pain from those who had received bullets.




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