Abomination:She transforms the lips of her vagina into a collar after having cut them

Woman-turns-labia-into-jewellery-after-designer-vagina-surgery-1-300x276Here is her narrative:
“I had missed so much leisure and interesting things that
I love and I also had to pay attention to my clothing, exercises and s3xual relationships because of the discomfort this caused, simply because I did not know anything that could be done about it – I thought that all women were as fragile as me
“she writes in her blog.

She transforms the lips of her vin gin into a necklace after having cut them: PHOTOS
After realizing that something could be done, Tracy turned to surgery in December 2016, pulled out her lips and changed her whole life. For a time, She kept her lips “floating in a jar” on her kitchen table, but they were not “guarded” as well as she had hoped.

I know that keeping parts of the body may not be to everyone’s taste, “says Tracy. “However, over time, the cut fabric has discolored from pink to pale gray, pleated in the surgical fluid and turned into a loop that looked less like a trophy, and more to a Halloween accessory, so I looked for ways to keep them in the long term
She transforms the lips of her vine into a necklace after having cut them:

The ex-mannequin began to “dry” her lips on an improvised wash line using Christmas card cards, an ice box and a cotton warp. She applied several layers of textured, shiny, red paint to match her nails and lipstick – dried with a hair dryer, then dusted with glitter.




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