5-year-old girl grew breasts at 2, started her period at 4 and is now going through menopause at age 5

59dcd7b14eeeaA little girl who grew breasts when she was just 2 years and started her period at age 4 is now going through menopause at just 5 years old.

Little Emily Dover was born a normal baby and even weighed less than her older siblings did at birth but as the weeks went by, she suddenly began experiencing “exceptional” growth and also suffered from “constant health issues”.

At 4 months, Emily was as tall as a 1-year-old. She was still a toddler when she developed cystic acne, breast buds and strong body odour and this left her parents shocked. The first time she saw her period when she was 4 years old, she had no idea what it was and thought she had pooed in her undies. The little child was then taught how to put panty liners on for menstruating.

“My foo foo is bleeding,” Emily tells her parents whenever she gets her period.




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