Viral video of a fearless 6-year-old boy playing with 20-foot-long python in floodwaters in Vietnam

59e5e3511b05fA fearless three-year-old boy has been filmed playing with a deadly 20ft Python in floodwaters in Vietnam, as his family watches on.

The video below shows the young boy reportedly named Truong comfortably playing and laughing while sitting on the giant serpent, in a flooded yard in the Vietnamese district of Ha Trung.

The boy’s aunt, An Nguyen, rubbished rumours that the footage was fake and told the Daily Mail that the family have had the python for four years as a pet.

“The python is 80kg…and very gentle. It was a rainy day and the water flooded to the edge of the yard. So they put the python in there to play and relax,” she said.

Last week, destructive floods labelled the worst in years, battered northern and central Vietnam been, resulting in at least 54 deaths and dozens more missing, the disaster prevention agency said on Friday.

The agency also said that the flood also killed or washed away 180,000 animals, more than 300 homes collapsed, and more than 34,000 other houses have been submerged.




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