Couple who survived Las Vegas shooting die in car crash

59f9bd3022dacA couple who survived the Las Vegas mass shooting have died in a car crash two weeks after.

Dennis Carver and his wife, Lorraine, were at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas where killer Stephen Paddock opened fire, killing at least 58 and injuring more than hundreds of revelers. Yet the couple made it out alive after they ran for their dear lives.

Sadly, they were not so lucky when their Mercedes smashed into a metal gate and brick pillars outside their community in Riverside, California.

Dennis, 52, and “Lora,” 53, died in their car when it crashed less than a mile from their home on October 16. The car was engulfed by fire after the wreck, the California Highway Patrol said. It took firefighters nearly an hour to contain the blaze.

The couple’s youngest daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she heard the crash from her bedroom. When she ran outside and down the street to find out what had happened, she recognized her family’s vehicle in flames.

“We’ve found some peace in knowing that our parents just loved each other so much that they had to go at the same time,” she told the newspaper. “They couldn’t live without each other.”

Their children, Madison and Brooke, said surviving the Las Vegas massacre made their parents become closer. Though heartbroken by the death of their parents. They said they are thankful that the family had become closer after the horrors of the October 1 shooting.

Speaking of how the massacre brought her parents closer together, Brooke Carver, 20, said she remembers her father calling her three days after it happened and asking, “You think I should get roses or different flowers for your mom?”

She added: “He just wanted to give my mom a reason to smile after the shooting. I swear they were more in love those two weeks than the last 20 years.”




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