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Jennifer Hudson gets star struck after meeting Janet Jackson

Singer Jennifer Hudson shared how star struck she was when she met singer, Janet Jackson. She shared the photo above and wrote:

President Trump’s favorite phrase ‘Fake News’ become 2017’s ‘word of the year’

59fb97d085196The phrase ‘Fake News’ which has consistently been in the headlines has been named the word of the year by dictionary publisher Read the rest of this entry

Star Jones’ ex-husband Al Reynolds comes out as Bisexual amid gay rumors

59fc0f8fa0510Today, I accept myself as a bisexual man,’ he declared. ‘I am capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both.

‘Ever since I have been in the public eye, people have been speculating on my sexuality. And ‘speculating’ is a kind word for how it actually played out,’ he said.

‘With anger and disdain, people have been calling me out as gay, closeted, a sham and even nastier; much nastier.

‘I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to discuss my truth. I wasn’t ready to do this then — I wasn’t even ready to think about it, let alone process it. ‘

Woman pins down ‘sex pest’, strips off and rubs her bare breasts in his face in public (Video)

59fb14871ed31This is the bizarre moment a woman humiliated a ‘sex pest’ in front of a crowd with an outrageous Read the rest of this entry