Gay lions seen in Kenya “need counselling” and “must have been influenced by homosexual men behaving badly in national parks” says country’s “moral policeman”

59fc80b990e4cTwo male lions were photgraphed getting intimate in Kenya’s Masai Mara and this shocked a lot of people, including the country’s ‘moral police’ who is now blaming gay men for the lions’ actions.

The two male lions were seen engaging in a love-making session that lasted for at least a minute, which is longer than the usual time lions mate. Afterwards they were seen cuddling with obvious affection for each other.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua, who is responsible for TV and film censorship in Kenya, saw the photo and said gay men who visit the national park are responsible for influencing the animals’ behaviour. He also called for the two lions in question to be caught and kept in isolation until scientists can “determine how they acquired homosexual behaviour”.




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