Interracial YouTube couple come under fire after shooting offensive video titled ‘What it’s like to date a black guy’

5a11abfa4fd47A YouTube couple shot a video titled ‘What it’s like to date a black guy’ but the video rubbed people the wrong way after it went viral.

In the video, the Caucasian woman begins to list what it’s like dating a black man but everything she says is racist. What’s surprising is that her black partner stood right there as she disrespected black people.

The woman starts the video by saying: ‘So, Obviously, I date this trash ass black person right here and in dating a black person, you have to learn these five easy steps,”

She then goes on to list the steps, which black people consider insulting and is being termed as racism. It has now emerged that the video was published 2 years ago but just went viral some hours ago. Viewers were incensed after seeing the video and began looking for the couple’s Twitter handles to give them a piece of their mind. Someone shared the handle of the black man in the video and people went in on him but he is unbothered and has replied all those attacking him with equal heat.



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