for sale($32.000 minimum price).contact

create_thumb.pngWhat is included in the sale?

First of all, I would like you to tap the word ‘cingey’ on Google. You will see that Cingey is ranked number 1.

All the websites can’t appear on google on ther first page on the first rank.Secondly ,the facebook page of Cingey with more than 800  subscribers is included.The ads program is already installed on the website.You can upgrade the website and install google adsense.So i am selling this website with


– Good Google ranking

-Facebook page.

-Copyright deposit


What is required to keep the business operational?

You can post at least 5 articles per day ,You can buy this website and  make it your company.You can hire one or two persons to look for news on the web.Also the main advantage of my website is that you will only pay 18 dollars for the web host (Per year)except if you want to upgrade the website and get a more sophisticated version;in case you want to develop the website,all the tools to do so,are already there.If you want to pay for the server,you don’t need to contact a third party because tools are already available.You can buy this website and gets a lot of money especially through Marketing affiliation(You propose to a company to make the ads of its product and this company will pay you)


Why are you selling the business?

I’m on my way to create a food industry,that is why i dont have time to manage the website.I need to stay focused in order to develop my project.The increasing popularity of the website does not allow me to focus my mind in other projects

Also i am attending some courses in the university (in The managment field)


How does the business generate revenue?

There are ads spaces on the website.

You can get money from these other methods(Not yet present but you can add it) : Affiliate marketing. Receive referral fees from merchants when a product or service you linked to results in a sale as a result of your link Ecommerce . Receive profits from direct sales of products or services.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

The only expense with this website is the payment of  web hosting;there is a real advantage with Cingey because you pay only 18 dollars/year.Also in others website,when you want to pay for the hosting you have to contact a different company and there will be extra fees.I garantee you that, these 18 dollars are one of cheapest PER YEAR.You can search on the web,you won’t see a lot of such options.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?


Most people know about social networking and what it offers to the  internet, from thousands of teens creating the most terrible looking  MySpace pages on the Internet to the Facebook profiles with every  application installed under the sun. Besides the negative it is a  fantastic way to reach target demographics and specific people with  specific interests.

We took advantage of social networking by advertising your  business or services on the social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or  Bebo (there are many more).

Facebook offer pay per click advertising on their social network.  These clicks can be targeted towards certain demographics  and age groups to ensure better click through rates and better  conversions of your ad on your site.

We went throught this method.,That is why buy buying this website,you won’t need to make extra effort to be known because:1-On google,the website has a top ranking when you tap the word ‘cingey’

2-You can tap the word ‘cingey’ on twitter and you will have information about it .

3-The facebook page has hundred of subscribers and this facebook page is included in the website selling price

How can the future owner improve the business?

Firstly i want to say that has an increasing popularity.His article has already been published by many popular websites like BBC, Mashable and Huffington Post,…

Only in September, many popular website have published our articles:Those are the links


That means that you can be very famous by advertising products on this website.

Like i said the future owner should improve the business by contacting some companies and by advertising their products.

You can make the website famous buy going through Facebook campaign,you will target many regions and get a lot of traffic.All these people visiting your website will make you earn money.

There is an important point i forgot to mention.The headquater of Cingey has been validated but Google(through Google Business)in September.So when you tap ‘cingey’ on google,you will see on the right side,the location and the opening hours;Actually,the headquaters for now represents the place where i live.However Only certified companies can appear such a way ,this is the truth;you can try with others companies.If you buy cingey,i will move the location and it will appears where you want it to appears(for example if you want the headquater to be in Los angeles if you live there;Google will just send you a code in your address that you will have to verify)

If you buy cingey and for the beginning  you don’t want to hire one or two persons to search news,you can copy some articles that is going viral on the web;of course you will have to write down the sources,This will bring  thousands of visitors to the website without hiring.

Also you can improve the business buy opening a  rubric for e-commerce in the website.My website can allow that but you will need to upgrade the version,If you sell through this website,you will earn  a lot of money in the beginning because in contrary with others company who are just starting online selling,you will have already a lot of visitors coming in your website along with the facebook page which has a lot of subscribers.You could open an instagram page too to increase your popularity.

In the ‘About’ page of the website(and the facebook page),in your twitter,facebook and instagram page you could therefore appear as The CEO of cingey.





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