Nigeria: Linda Ikeji, the millionaire blogger

linda-ikeji-991x1024.pngWith 450,000 daily views on her celebrity news blog, Linda Ikeji has been successful in attracting more and more important advertisers, to the point of making $ 5 million a year today.

In Lagos, in the posh district of Banana Island where Nigerian billionaires have taken up residence, Linda Ikeji opens the door of her villa. A $ 2.5 million house, all gilding and marble on two floors. The owner is Nigeria’s best-known blogger. Linda Ikeji is primarily a businesswoman who has become a millionaire through an empire on the internet.
Linda Ikeji’s fortune is estimated at $ 10 million. The advertising sites on his site are snapped up at a golden price. More than 2 million CFA francs for the banner at the top of the page. A million for the one on the side. According to our calculations, its advertising revenues would amount to 30 million CFA francs.

“I never imagined that brands could give me money directly. When I started my blog seven years ago, there was no ad. I was only blogging. These are the brands that came to me. ”

Linda Ikeji is creating a media empire on the net. In the heart of Lagos, she now has her premises where she employs about twenty employees. It produces TV shows on the internet, inspired by American shows, has a web radio, a music production studio and even a social network. The businesswoman is counting on the explosion of the number of Nigerians connected in the coming years.



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