Sex: Women are more satisfied in bed at the beginning of the relationship!

9ab7e9f778a20c1540ef16037abd9b3a0299f533.jpegAccording to a study, women would be more satisfied with their sexual relationship at the beginning of the relationship. Thus, in the first six months, more than 70% of women admit to being satisfied by their partner in bed, against only 50% of men. To believe that men and women do not manage to feel the same pleasure at the same stage of the relationship. Thus, past a few months, the trend is reversed.

And then 65% of men are more satisfied in bed compared to women. And it will take 2-3 years for the curve to reverse again. After 3 years of life as a couple, women are enjoying themselves. They are 56% to declare themselves satisfied with their sexual relations. While for men, this level drops. It concerns only 37% of them. And even worse, early in the relationship, almost half of men prefer to drink one (or more) glasses before acting with their partner.



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