Quincy Jones, 84, says he has 22 girlfriends and they all know about each other

QUINCY-1998-FNL-copy.jpgQuincy Jones said in a recent GQ interview that he has 22 girlfriends and they all know each other. But what is an 84-year-old man doing with 22 girlfriends though?

The record producer said he was serious and further revealed he has women in different countries.

He said: “I got 22 girlfriends…Hell yeah. Everywhere. Cape Town. Cairo. Stockholm – she’s coming in next week. Brazil -Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio. Shanghai – got a great girl over there from Shanghai, man. Cairo, whew.”

Asked if the women know about one another, he added: “Yeah, I don’t lie. And it’s amazing – women get it, man. Don’t you ever forget they’re 13 years smarter than we are. Don’t you ever forget it.”

The ‘Thriller’ producer who has 6 daughters and 1 son said he would never date anyone his own age and wishes he could keep the “fat and old” away from his house.

Asked if he’d go out with anyone his own age, he told America’s GQ magazine: “Hell no! You see me with an 84-year-old woman? Are you crazy? Why not??? Why? For what, man? There’s nothing…there’s no upside. You gotta be kidding. I got me some technology out there that keep fat and old away from here. Buzzes if they’re too old.

“But you’d be surprised…. These women, the young ones, are aggressive now. Oh my God, they’re fearless, man. All over the world.”

Quincy admitted there are some restrictions on the ages of the women he dates because his daughters have warned him he can’t date women younger than them.

He said: “Well, my daughters gave me new numbers, because they kept saying, ‘Dad, you can’t go out with girls younger than us.’ I said, ‘Y’all are not young anymore….’ So the new numbers are 28 to 42. They gave them to me.”

Asked if the desire for sex had gone after he reached a certain age, he said: “Not to me. Hell no. Never. Uh-uh.”

Quincy thinks his punishment for his womanising ways is to have beautiful daughters.

He said: “When you’ve been a dog all your life, God gives you beautiful daughters and you have to suffer. I love ’em so much. They’re here all the time.”

Speaking of growing up, Jones said he thought he wanted to be a gangster when he was younger, and saw his first dead body “at seven or eight years old”. He also revealed how they ate rats for dinner, when living with his grandmother in Louisville after his mother was “taken away in a straitjacket” and his father said he was unable to mind them.

He said: “We used to eat rats, man. I’m telling you. I think back about that—that’s scary… she’d send us down to the waterfront and tell us, ‘Just get the ones with their tails moving, because you know they’re alive.'”




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