Teenager stabbed to death after arguing about who was ‘straighter’ in WhatsApp group

pri_68222278.jpgA teenager was stabbed to death after a WhatsApp argument about who was least gay, a court heard.

The deceased John Wright, 19, and Paul Akinnuoye, 20, began arguing after members of the WhatsApp group Ice City Boys commented on Donnell Jones being in a new relationship with a girl called Fifi. During the argument, Wright said Akinnuoye is on Jones’ “dick” and Akinnuoye replied that he’s straighter than Wright.

“You are on his dick,” Wright told Akinnuoye then called him a “batty boy”.

Akinnuoye replied: “On your mum’s life I’m straighter than you.”

This happened at about 5pm. At about 5.20pm they were suggesting places to meet for a fight. They agreed to meet at Sunset Chicken in Blackheath, south east London on April 19 last year along with three others. Wright said it would be a “fist fight ting” and said he would not bring a “shank”.

He said: “I didn’t get a nank, my mum is in, she will notice the knives are gone.”



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