Travis Scott is now a “changed man thanks to baby Stormi’s arrival”

Kylie-Jenner-And-Travis-Scott-Are-Getting-To-Know-Each-Other-After-Welcoming-Baby-Stormi-700x466.jpgThe arrival of baby Stormi Webster has changed, not only her mother Kylie Jenner’s life, but also her father, Travis Scott’s.

Sources connected to the rapper told TMZ that Travis has been on cloud nine since his first child’s birth. Friends have noticed the normally stoic guy is now laughing a lot, and much calmer than usual.


It has also been revealed that Travis’ contentment at the arrival of his child is helping him hone his craft. He’s been working on a new record, which his inner circle believes will be his best yet, and it’s all thanks to Stormi.


Sources also say Travis is already a doting dad and tries to be very involved in his child’s life even when he can’t be there physically. He has become way more selective on which gigs he takes. One source says only serious cash will pry him away from his baby girl. When he is away from her, he relies on technology to keep in touch. He was in his hometown of Missouri City, Texas to get a key to the city over the weekend but he spent most of his free time on FaceTime with Kylie and Stormi.



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