Shocking video shows woman having sex with man in police uniform… boasts that she’s slept with 36 police officers

5a8ff3caaa35e.PNGEarlier this month, Carla claimed police officers have been sending her racy photos and last year a Garda was suspended after a video emerged of him having sex with her beside his vehicle. The suspended Garda had a partner at the time he had sexual relations with Carla on the road, but Carla said she wasn’t aware of that. Carla later apologised openly to the girlfriend.

The Irish Mirror reported that the woman, who has been living in west Cork, feels some “regret” but is also planning for future videos.

Speaking to the Sunday World, she said: “I’m having regrets. I’m one of the most hated women in Ireland right now.”

She added: “I do want to apologise to his girlfriend. I did not know about the relationship and it must have been very traumatic for her. My followers keep asking when the next one is coming but I don’t think it would be a good idea at the moment. I might do one off-duty garda who isn’t in a relationship and in a house this time. I’m still getting garda offers.”



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