Samuel Eto’o threatens to sue website after April Fool’s story claims he is set to run for president in Cameroon

5ac3698beac09.jpgReacting to the interview, Eto’o who didn’t find it funny posted an immediate response on social media, where he said the website made a joke of a delicate political situation in his country.

He also accused the platform of mocking the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon and threatened legal action if the story was not removed.

The Legendary striker wrote on Facebook: ‘As a Cameroonian, I am deeply respectful of the institutions of my country and those who embody them.

‘I, therefore, believe that the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon and the exercise of the supreme office are very important and cannot be discussed lightly.

‘More seriously, the authors of this farce mocked the Anglophone crisis — a situation that causes desolation and mourning in my country.

‘I think that the words attributed to my modest self under the guise of a supposed farce are absolutely reductive and denote a total lack of respect.’

In reaction to Eto’s threats, the Jeune Afrique Magazine’s website confirmed that the interview was made up to fool their readers on April 1st, but they are yet to take down the story.

It reads: ‘This interview is directly out of the fruit of our imagination for April 1. As confirmed by the humorous tone of this interview, Samuel Eto’o never claimed that he would run for president in Cameroon.’



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