Why do girls like muscular men?

The reasons for the success of this type of body with women? For Mackenzie Pearson, this is easily explained: “It’s not intimidating and it allows us not to blame beside a too perfect body. This allows us to remain the center of attention. It’s much more pleasant to touch and cuddle. That means we can go and make tacos or pizza together without going for a glutton and we know what to expect for the coming years!

Following this article, many men to have posted pictures of their little brioche. But they are far from unanimous on social networks, particularly where one can read: “This is just a generalization free from a personal view”, “Oh no, never handles love! “” I prefer a good hard body to a whole chest plate. ” Yet, according to a survey conducted in England in 2014 for the film Neighbors, in which the muscular confront Zac Efron and paunchy father Seth Rogen, 58% of women admitted to prefer the love handles to tablets chocolate.

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